Doggie want a bone?

So proud of our Roxy! Yesterday she was a good girl and I was giving her a treat. I threw the little treat in the air and Roxy caught it in her mouth for the first time ever. It was awesome! She’s been watching Wilbur our circus dog catch treats and the ball etc. so finally Roxy is doing it too. Yeah! It’s so funny to watch Roxy play ball. She is so clumsy but she’s trying to stay focused on the ball. She’s growing up fast and we are happy we decided to add Roxy to our family.


Neighbourhood watch dog

Roxy on duty for neighbourhood watch. Our puppy is growing so fast and big! I know this dog is going to be a good guard dog for our girls. Puppy still in training but overall she is doing well. Potty training – check, sleeps throughout the night – check, learning to sit on command – in process, stop nipping when playing – in process, stop stealing socks – in process. I’m still on the fence, after putting up the Christmas tree. I really think Roxy will attack it and try to eat the ornaments. So, at this time, I have decorated the walls and ceiling with Christmas decor.

Roxy on neighbourhood watch

Let’s clean house

Our wild puppy Roxy loves to chase the broom and the mop, while we try to clean the house. It’s funny but also annoying when you just want to get the floors cleaned. My favourite is when Roxy runs through the garden with wet paws and then runs through the house and jumps on the couch. Yesterday was a rough day for Roxy because it was a rainy day and she had lots of energy to burn. When the kids got off the school bus Roxy jumped on them and ripped my daughters t-shirt. This is day 2 for rough play with the puppy, so I had a talk with my kids again. Safety first! Try not to rough house with the puppy or you may get nipped.

Roxy in garden

Photo of Roxy after digging in the garden box.

Roxy mopping

Wipe Out! Time to mop that floor or chase it around the house barking.

Is that the couch or a puppy pillow?

Roxy is growing so fast. She stretches out on the couch so no one else in the family can sit on it to watch a show. Yesterday Roxy was hyper when kids got home from school. My kids were playing with the puppy with a little stick. Roxy loved it, but jumped on my daughter and scratched her face and arm. She was so upset, but I told her to be careful around our puppy because she’s still growing and doesn’t know how big and strong she is. Today is a raining day here, so Roxy is probably going stir crazy in the house. I love fall weather and that both of our dogs can enjoy running around our big, fenced yard and burn energy and sleep all night.

Roxy sleeping on couch

Roxy is teething

Roxy is chewing on everything these days. So the kids have hidden their toys in their bedrooms with the doors closed. Our living room looks bare with only a chair and couches and of course the puppy cage. Yesterday, I noticed Roxy chewing the kid’s bird house and I tried to capture the moment with the photo below. We have bought chew toys, but I think Roxy is digging holes and hiding them in the garden or under the deck. Hopefully the teething stage doesn’t last too long.

Roxy chewing bird house

Roxy and bird house

Hurricane Roxy

My husband spent time cleaning the yard this weekend, as there is no escaping hurricane Roxy. Our puppy is growing so fast, that Roxy is now bigger and taller than our dog Wilbur (Boston Terrier, Sheltie) who is 9 years old. Every time I think life with the puppy is getting easier and into a routine, Roxy finds a way to destroy a toy, a patio chair and cushions and who knows what will be next. We need to be on puppy patrol always.

Roxy Hurricane